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             & HASH: 
             CRIME/COMEDY -
                   106 pages
                 SUCCUBI'S                    PRODIGY:
             HORROR/THRILLER -
                  95 pages
              CRIME THRILLER -
                 127 pages

​Shooting Begins On Psychological Thriller "Redemption"

"Phone Monkeys" Wins "Best Editing" And The Coveted "Best Picture" At L.A. Area Film Festival.

Twisted Fiction Pictures head, Jonathan Chauser and his team wraps principle photography in Long Beach, CA . The production was completely self financed  and was filmed on locations in Long Beach and Burbank, CA.

Inspired by the economic turmoil of 2008, Twisted Fiction Pictures embarks on new short film. The film serves as a commentary about the misguided lust for money and power over family and friends.

​Preproduction Begins On Dark Comedy Web Series, "Dead Air"

This tale comes from another of writer-director Jonathan Chauser's  many misadventures. "Dead Air: The Web Series" is "WKRP in Cincinnati " comes to East Texas!  "Dead Air" is the story of Howlin' Hank Stevens and his merry band of disc jockeys as they struggle to win a radio contest for the very survival of their beloved radio station!  The 9 episode web series will hit the web in September 2015.

The Pilot Episode Has Been Shot And Post-Production Begins On Dark Comedy Web Series, "Dead Air"

The cast and crew worked tirelessly to finish principle photography over one long weekend in early May. The pilot is currently being edited. There is a teaser trailer availble online.

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