T.F.P is in the writing process on three new short films.


#1  "The Twain Theory" 

Mark Twain's grandson who spends his days unsuccessfully trying to make his mark on the world and his nights in the saloon, accidentally stumbles upon the adventure he was looking for.


#2 is tentatively titled "Stadium 51" a minor league baseball themed Sci-fi comedy. Think 'Bull Durham meets Close Encounters of the Third Kind"


#3 is a dark comedy that features social media and the zombie apocalypse. Wrap your brain around that one!!



Also currently in the development process are several feature length screenplays.


"Liquid Smoke," is a crime tale involving a Mexican drug  cartel, a crooked South Texas county  judge and a mixed race protagonist. 


"Succubi's Prodigy" is a horror/thriller set in Nineteenth Century New Orleans and Chicago. It is the psuedo-biographical story of America's first true serial killer, H.H. Holmes.


"The Great Satan" is a fish-out-of-water crime comedy involving a Pakistani immigrant on a work visa trying to stay in the U.S. after a major faux pas at work.


Twisted Fiction Pictures has also embarked into the hot, new digital T.V. series market with the 9 episode comedy series, "Dead Air"


The story centers around a hot-headed , has-been radio station owner and his youthful disc jockeys as they try to win a radio contest to save their beloved radio station.


In The Hopper...

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